mrpostman Free and easy POP3 access to Yahoo! mail, Hotmail and more!
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.:: About

MrPostman is a java program that allows you to access Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other webmail services directly from your favorite mail client.

It converts the web pages of your favorite webmail provider to e-mails and provides the standard POP interface to your mail client (e.g. Outlook Express, Netscape or Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Pegasus).

MrPostman is Free Software, released under the terms of the GNU Public License.
Send an e-mail to the appropriate mailing list, if you have any questions or would like to help with the project.

Currently supported webmail providers:

  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • gmail (Google mail)
  • juno
  • rediffmail
  • Gossamer mail
  • Outlook Web Access (Exchange 5.5)
  • Outlook Web Access 2003
  • Caramail,
  • SquirrelMail

Additionally it now supports the download of RSS news including pictures, excluding ads, ... Enjoy reading news offline!

Adding a new webmail provider might be as simple as writing a script of 50 lines. Feel free to add a script for your favourite provider and send it to us to be included in the next release.

The newest official scripts can be found here.

.:: News

(08/27/2005) Updated scripts and new scripts for, and SquirrelMail.

(08/27/2005) MrPostman 1.2 improves the RSS functionality (multi page news, styles) and adds additional feeds (USA online, NY Times). Installation as Windows service was improved.

(06/26/2005) MrPostman 1.2 RC1 supports the import/export of settings and has improved update functionality. A help for RSS feeds was written and a regular expression "debugger" helps developing scripts.

(05/05/2005) MrPostman 1.1 final was released. It features better update functionality (doesn't block any more, scripts can have their own update function) and introduces RSS news download. As opposed to other RSS clients (and Thunderbird's inbuilt RSS support) the HTML page with the full news and embedded images (but without navigation, ads, ...) will also be downloaded (Text only download for reading on PDAs with no image support is also possible). Thus it's perfect for offline news reading. Sample feeds like CNN or BBC are provided.

(03/06/2005) A POP to HTML php script and a MrPostman script for this php script were released to allow the access to a POP account without web access.

(03/06/2005) A new script for reading RSS feeds was released. In contrast to lots of RSS readers it will also download the full news message including pictures. Thus offline reading is made easy. Sample configurations for CNN, BBC, ... are provided.

Older news can be found in the news archive.

.:: Sourceforge

.:: Download

Go to Sourceforge download area for MrPostman

.:: Development Team

  • Hector Urtubia
  • Chris Humphreys
  • Lucas Bruand
  • Thomas O'Dowd
  • Martin Vlcek

.:: Links

  • FetchYahoo: A perl script that gets the mail from Yahoo and saves it to a file. This is the place where I took all the reverse engineering for the Yahoo module. It is nicely written.
  • Web2pop: A commercial, windows based program, that has the same purpose of MrPostman.
  • jCookie: A java API for easy cookie handling. If i had not found this, the project would have been much harder.

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